To be or what to be

  • abstract
  • adequate
  • patient
  • proactive
  • communicative
  • a member of the team
to be a successful softworker. Although this seems not to be a surprising or brand new wisdom after all, it is not always easy to keep this in mind - in any situation.

Furthermore, this 'be-ings' should be integral part of any job posting instead of listing 500+1 technics that you should be able to handle perfect. A few days ago I received a project offer that contains the following listing:

" ... Java, (X)HTML, XML, XML-Schema, XPath, XSL(T), CSS, FO, SVG, JSF, Struts, Spring, J2EE/JEE, Apache Commons, Apache Jakarta, JavaScript, JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, SQL, WebServices, SOAP, ANT, JACL, Jython, OSGi, AJAX, SOA, UML, MDA, SWT, MBeans, Java Messaging ..."

Anything missing? I think, they forgot Maven, Swing and whatever ... Or it is just one of these job descriptions for a job that has already been filled. So they put in everything they know to be sure that nobody would ever meet the requirements.