JEE Summit, Berlin

How exciting being back again in Berlin after such a long time!
Especially when I could combine attending to some interesting workshops and visiting an very good friend :-).

I had been working many years with J2EE 1.4 some years ago and dig in deep into the Spring framework in the recent years. During the summit I could learn that both worlds had finally been merged in JEE 5/6. Particularly CDI impressed me very much by offering such a comprehensive and sophisticated functionality. Most of the Gang Of Four patterns seemed to be integrated in CDI and therfore obsolet to be implemented by ourselves.

The event was well organized and all speakers have been very competent on their topics. I found that the half day workshops had been a good way to immerse deeper into the topics than conference session often provide. I was sorry that I couldn't attend all sessions I was interested in - it was sometimes hard to choose for one of the parallel session.

Berlin is always worth a visit!