JavaScript Days Berlin

JavaScript becomes more and more popular with HTML5 spreading over the Internet so I decided to refresh my JavaScript knowledge by attending the JavaScript Days in Berlin.

Most of the tracks had been interesting and worth the money. Although I have been somewhat disapointed by the nodejs track. As I have been developed Java sever side components for many years I would have expected some more details and insights of nodejs in comparsion with other web/application server runtimes.

Nevertheless JavaScript seems to be ready for the enterprise. Things like MVC, Dependency Injection, Unit Testinga and Components (with some kind of Dependency Management) are available in the JavaScript world - so professional software development with JavaScript is actually possible.

When professional development is possible with JavaScript/HTML 5 why do we still need (complex) server side web presentation frameworks like they are so popular in the Java universe? I believe that JavaScript has a great future for developing Rich Internet Applications. I would consider pure JavaScript/HTML5 as client technology with a server that only provides domain/data/persistence services when I should design a dynamic style RIA web application.